Miriam Ast was a senior lecturer at Leeds Conservatoire in England from 2017 - 2021. She currently teaches Jazz singing and Jazz choir at Würzburg university of Music in Germany.


Key aspects of her teaching:

- vocal technique (intonation, vocal projection, breath/resonance, dynamic variety, varying timbre/vocal textures)

- style (jazz and off-beat phrasing, in the pocket singing, time-feel, rhythmic exercises)

- lyrical interpretation (work on repertoire, expressing lyrics/stories effectively with your voice, free your sound/acting exercises)

- musicianship (writing and analyzing jazz songs, jazz theory/ear training, freedom in the music, effective communication with the band)

- improvisation (learning how to scat over changes like an instrument, singing idiomatic jazz phrases, motific development)

- performance technique (stage presence, musical expression, microphone technique, relaxation exercises, learning to enjoy performing to the fullest)


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